Start with it opened and flat and load it with yard debris. Next roll in the long edges to zip the main belly zipper, zip the two short zippers that are by the patch, then stand it up and squash the heck out of it to make more and more room as needed.
The industrial-grade mesh can handle a ridiculous amount of compacting even with sticks that will not poke through. Combine this with any shredder product and you can likely get over 20 bags worth of leaves into a single burrito! Watch our Quick Usage Video below.

Leaf Burrito® Quick Usage Video


Leaf Burrito Quick Usage Video from Leaf Burrito: Burrito Brands Incorporated.


Brightwalk Neighborhood Testimonial from Leaf Burrito: Burrito Brands Incorporated.

Brightwalk Neighborhood Testimonial from Leaf Burrito: Burrito Brands Incorporated.

Unzip & Flip! 
City Leaves It On Your Yard!
Eliminates Single-Use Paper & Plastic Bags

Starts flat for easy loading. Drag it around to collect sticks, weeds, etc.
Perfect for hedge clippings.  Zip multiple together for a longer catch.
Open the belly zipper or stand it up to finalize the cleanup.
Simply leave it on the curb where the City of Charlotte Solid Waste will empty it and leave it on your yard just like a can.  Contact your local municipality about curbside-emptying our 5-Foot CITY-STYLE Burritos.