A Revolutionary New Tool for Colleges & Universities 


With eliminating plastic bags, the implementation of Leaf Burritos® by the University of Kentucky Grounds Department is fundamental to achieving our goals of having 100% diversion of green waste from the local solid waste stream. UK processes composting for reuse on campus and we use reusable Leaf Burritos for efficient and eco-friendly collections and transportation.

University of Kentucky
Grounds Department Manager
Don Crawford

Safer. Sustainable. Efficient. Cleaner.
What is a Leaf Burrito®?
Leaf Burrito® is a revolutionary and patented new tool that enables institutions to meet their Sustainability goals, Zero Waste initiatives and provides a safer method of handling materials. Invented and manufactured right in Charlotte North Carolina. Constructed from our proprietary heavy-duty mesh, five of the best YKK® zippers on the planet, and a multitude of ergonomic handles, these flat-to-finished bags have changed the industry on how to collect and transport organic material. Everything is UV coated for many years of protection. Our patents are based on how the product starts perfectly flat like a blanket for easy loading. The two long edges fold in towards the "belly" and connect via a separating zipper then the four remaining side zippers zip inward towards the belly to completely contain the material. This clever design allows the user to continue loading the bag via the center zipper ("baked potato") or by standing it up vertically like a roll-out garbage can. This multi-functional design also makes unloading the debris incredibly efficient just like shaking out a pillowcase. The Leaf Burrito® will change the landscaping industry around the world!
Why is it Safer?
~ Leaf Burrito’s ergonomic design simplifies green waste collection year-round by converting unsafe bulky loads into more manageable and contained parcels. A multitude of handles allow your staff to lift with their legs or team lift the bags.
~ A safer way for your staff to managing moving material compared to excessively overfilled tarps.
~ Handling and hauling giant tarps is dangerous for your staff. Changing to a component-oriented workload is a much safer and more efficient model.
~ The porous and heavy mesh is breathable and won't fly off trucks or blow into the road.  Jerry rigging tarps can leak material on the roads.
Why is it Sustainable?
~ Meets your sustainability goals as a reusable tool for many years.
~ Meets your Zero Waste initiatives with eliminating short-lived tarps, single-use bags and burlaps.
~ Year-Round Four-Season Usage - hedge clippings, annual flowers, grass clippings, weeding, limbs/sticks.
~ Each bag has five heavy-duty YKK® Zippers and our durable design provides many years of trouble-free service.

Why is it Efficient?
~ Multiple ergonomic handles make all the difference.
~ Fits perfectly on golf carts and maintenance UTV vehicles.
~ Incredibly efficient by starting flat and zipping up.
~ Saves time - easy to load, haul and empty, simplifying landscaping.
~ Easy to collect grass clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings, weeds and even trash.
~ Transport items such as plants, soil, mulch, flowers, parts and more.
~ Unzips flat which can be used as a cover for trailers and truck loads.
~ Can zip multiple Leaf Burritos together to create a large catch area, as a long drag for hedge clippings or as a large trailer cover.
~ Can also be your "packable & portable wheelbarrow" for those that don't want to always carry a bulky, heavy, metal wheelbarrow or stacks of garbage cans.
~ Keep a few compactly folded on your trailer and never be caught short with bulk jobs such as mulch, pea gravel, weeds, grass clippings, hedge clippings, topsoil, or any other heavy duty moving of bulk product.
~ Saves your organization time and money on single-use and short-lived products.
~ Incredibly fast debris emptying...unzip & flip.
~ Reduces the number of "touches" of the same plant material from hedge to dump site.
~ Instantly catch & remove those prickly hedge trimmings including sharp rose bushes and fronds. 
~ Move and spread mulch, pea gravel, topsoil, and even rocks.
~ Perfect for staging removed dirt during tree, shrub and annual flower installations.
Why is it Cleaner?
~ Multi-functional including trash, trailer cover, tools.
~ Our optional LINED Leaf Burritos have an inside lining that keeps dirt and dust from falling out into elevators, hallways or floors.
~ They easily hose clean and can even be pressure washed and dry quickly.
~ Organized and cleanliness of vehicles is critical.
~ Separates organic debris from other tools & equipment on trailers and UTVs.
~ Custom branding looks professional and helps with ownership identification.
~ Custom branding can even include any hashtags, slogans or websites.
~ Our product stores folded flat for compact storage.
~ Use as a trailer cover for full loads.
 ~ Collect trash or other debris in our reusable Basura Burrito.
 ~ Carry loose objects on your trailer such as irrigation system parts.

How do I implement Leaf Burritos into our University?
We recommend the following introductory package which can have a significant long-term reduction of your budget.  Although you can purchase individual bags, we are proposing the suggested initial package that will give your crews the tools they need to eliminate tarps, plastic bags and burlaps and to be much more efficient and safer:
Suggested Starter Kit: 
Twelve 5-foot Leaf Burrito
® bags
Four 7-foot Leaf Burrito
® bags
Two Leaf Burrito
® TOTE FORM bags
Twelve Basura Burritos
Prices are visible on our Shopping Cart and would be tax-free to non-profit organizations.
All of these would include your logo and optional tagline/hashtag printed on the bags.  
This investment will pay for itself in a matter of just a few weeks.
University of Kentucky Usage Video