Sustainable Alternative for Municipalities

With cities banning plastic bags across the nation, they are seeking a sustainable alternative. Leaf Burrito® has been working with the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County (NC), and other municipalities on supplying the perfect sustainable alternative!

Check out to see how Mecklenburg County is highlighting Leaf Burrito as an alternative to single-use bags.

Leaf Burrito® 5-foot bags are designed for municipal use.

Is your County banning plastic bags for yard waste? 

We can help that goal! Leaf Burrito® saves time in your residential yard waste collection routes with this reusable, eco-friendly, and durable year-round yard debris bag.  Ergonomic, safer for staff, cleaner curb appeal and most importantly, 100% re-utilization rate by the homeowners who love using them!


Homeowners buy the bags directly, so ZERO financial investment needed by your County. We simply ask to be listed as an approved container and those that want to use Leaf Burritos can simply buy them from us as needed.


BETAHood Partners

Our press release from September 9, 2019 contains information about our “BETAHood” called Brightwalk Neighborhood, and our partnership with Highland Creek which is a local 4500 home HOA that is selling customized bags to their residents. 

BETAHood Grants

The BETAHood was a pilot program in which Leaf Burrito was granted $10,000 from the City of Charlotte to give away burritos in a local neighborhood called Brightwalk. It was a great success and  eventually achieved 100% reuse of Leaf Burritos and eliminated single use plastic and paper bags!  The release from October 4, 2019 discusses the BETAHood in more detail.

Creating Awareness

We are interested in launching a similar BETAHood program in your City.  We are open to different options on how we can structure an initial investment of bags, including custom branding and hashtag or website messaging links.  The purpose of the program is to create awareness and our goal is for citizens to voluntarily purchase their own burritos directly versus having the City buy and distribute the bags.  The City simply would display our product as an acceptable personal container. For example:

Your BETAHood

We suggest selecting an encircled neighborhood of 200-500 homes with an average-sized tree canopy and offering those home owners a Leaf Burrito to try for 3-6 months.  It is important to note that the Leaf Burrito is a year-round tool that is also for grass clippings, hedge clippings, weed, sticks, etc.  Our Brightwalk program offered a burrito to anyone in the neighborhood and we estimate that 50% of homeowners do their own yard work or have landscapers that leave out bags of yard debris.  Our ask is to help identify a suitable neighborhood, help to subsidize the burritos and simply to “curbside empty” the bags.  Our mantra of “Unzip & Flip” simply requires a rear-loading truck where the drivers put the bag onto the back edge, unzip, flip, then return the bag to the yard.  We would support the program and invest in marketing in area.

Please contact us at
or call 1-800-BURRITO (287-7486)

We would love the opportunity to speak with your city leaders about how Leaf Burrito can make a direct impact on your municipality sustainability initiatives, ordinances, curb appeal, and storm water drains.