Year-Round Landscaping Tool

Replaces Single-Use Plastic, Paper Bags and Tarps For Residential, Municipal and Commercial Use

Patented design starts flat then zips for easy loading of grass clippings, leaves, weeds, hedge trimmings & more.

Made with industrial-grade custom mesh and heavy-duty YKK® zippers with pulls and lanyards.

High-strength, ergonomic straps for a safer way to lift heavy loads compared to tarps filled with debris.

Customizable with your neighborhood, municipality or company logo.

Zip multiple Leaf Burritos to create a larger catch area or trailer cover.

Fits perfectly on golf carts and maintenance vehicles.

Available in 5-Foot & 7-Foot Sizes

After fully stocking our 19 crews with Leaf Burritos, we were able to immediately reduce our cost and waste of heavy duty plastic bags by 80% and are continuing to reduce plastic bag usage. The savings from plastic bags covered the cost of our Burritos in less than 5 months.

Our crews love the Leaf Burritos and how much easier they make it to contain, maintain, and manage their daily green waste.
Nathan Nielson
Operations Manager
Ultimate Innovations, Inc.
Universities Using Leaf Burritos
Duke University, Vanderbilt University, University of Kentucky, Belmont University, Marquette University, and more...
With eliminating plastic bags, the implementation of Leaf Burritos® by the University of Kentucky Grounds Department is fundamental to achieving our goals of having 100% diversion of green waste from the local solid waste stream. UK processes composting for reuse on campus and we use reusable Leaf Burritos for efficient and eco-friendly collections and transportation.
Don Crawford, CGM
University of Kentucky
Grounds Department Manager
In Mecklenburg County's current yard-waste composting process, we cannot compost materials with plastic bags. So the plastic bags need to be removed; and the way that has happened has been to use manual labor to physically cut and remove 10's of thousands of non-recyclable plastic film bags out of the 6000 tons of yard-waste that is collected each year. This process is obviously inefficient and time consuming. This new Leaf Burrito product eliminates the plastic bag problem by preventing the plastic bags from ever getting to our facility in the first place. Leaf Burrito is a reusable and sustainable solution, which is in line with our own sustainable goals. We are supporters of the locally invented and developed Leaf Burrito product, and would like to encourage its utilization in lieu of plastic bags for yard waste.
Jeff Smithberger, Director
Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Programs