Municipal Use

Save time in residential yard waste collection with this reusable, eco-friendly, and flexible Leaf Burrito®.

The City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services will empty the burrito and leave it on your yard just like normal garbage cans.  If you are not in Charlotte, please check with your municipality and have them also service the Leaf Burrito®!  We are a proud Gold Partner of Sustain Charlotte!

The 5-Foot Leaf Burrito® bag has been designed with curbside servicing in mind.  Our goal is to reduce the amount of time your solid waste collection employees spend removing yard debris and reduce plastic waste.


Ridiculous amounts of bags are a very common site during the fall leaf pickup season.  Leaf Burrito® will help greatly this problem because it is so easy to keep up with your leaves each week.  Most people dread bagging leaves so much that they let it build up to the end of the season and end up with this massive load.  The big problem with these types of loads is that it fills up the waste trucks too quickly and forces them to make additional trips to the dump, which delays the collection of other neighbor's leaves, as well as wastes time & money for the city.  Leaf Burrito® is so easy to use that it actually makes it fun for you, or your kids, to rake your leaves.
During the rest of the year we get these random piles along our roads and streets.  Remember it is the loose leaves and sticks that clog up our storm drains.
In peak season, the city throws full bags into their trucks to save time versus ripping each bag open and emptying them along the way.  Then, giant bricks of debris are dumped from the trucks and crews are hired to crawl through these mountains of garbage to cut open and remove every single bag.  This is a horrific job!

The Benefits of the Leaf Burrito® for Solid Waste Collectors:

  • Reduces effort for citizens in yard maintenance; which would help to encourage compliance.
  • Universalizes yard waste into one Receptacle; which would aid in expediting the pickup process.
  • Limits the amount of debris that can be placed into the bag, thus limiting capacity.
  • Reduces the impact of yard debris on storm drains.
  • Eliminates single use plastic bags at collection sites.
  • Decreases the amount of time spent at each pick up over a route.

Contact us to find out how you can get your crews trained today on servicing the Leaf Burrito®.

WARNING: LEAF BURRITO® MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. LEAF BURRITO® SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Leaf Burrito® is intended for normal lawn and yard debris, including, but not limited to leaves, weeds, twigs, branches, grass clippings, and hedge clippings. It is not recommended to fill Leaf Burrito® in excess of 75 pounds. The usage of this product requires compliance with all laws, rules, restrictions, ordinances and/or guidelines set by the municipal government in the jurisdiction where this product is used. Sharp items may cause tearing. Rinse Leaf Burrito® with water as needed. Any use other than the intended use will be at your own risk. KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAMES AND OTHER HEAT SOURCES. THIS MATERIAL IS NOT FLAME RETARDANT.