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July 23, 2019
For immediate release
Charlotte, North Carolina


A new revolutionary eco-friendly reusable yard-debris removal tool is helping universities, municipalities, landscaping firms and homeowners across the nation to cut plastic pollution

After its launch in 2016, Leaf Burrito®, a REVOLUTIONARY ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE YARD DEBRIS TOOL committed to protecting and preserving the planet, recently established its new production facility in Burkesville, Kentucky and is moving into the mass-production phase to meet the needs of a growing number of its target clients to phase out single-use plastics going into our landfills.

Marc Mataya, Inventor and Founder, comments:

"We're incredibly excited to have reached the expansion phase. We see and feel the international momentum for businesses and communities alike to understand the crisis and to ramp up their own desires to reduce plastic waste. I designed the Leaf Burrito® at my own home to make curb side collections of leaves and lawn debris easier and to eliminate using single-use plastic yard-debris bags. Originally, I was just solving my own yard work needs, then quickly discovered a much, much greater purpose and need as I learned that all of these plastic film bags are going directly into our landfills. Residents use 2 1/2 bags per week on average, and fumbling with paper bags is a nightmare, looks like trash on the streets, and carries a huge carbon-footprint to produce and distribute. Regardless of plastic or paper, they're still single-use items which are bad!"

VIDEO - How Leaf Burrito® works

In this stage, the company will be targeting Universities nationally as these institutions are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and stand out in terms of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Leaf Burrito® recently conducted its first pilot program at The University of Kentucky.

Don Crawford, CGM, University of Kentucky Grounds Department Manager shares his experience:

"By eliminating plastic bags, the implementation of Leaf Burritos® by the University of Kentucky Grounds Department is fundamental to achieving our goals of having 100% diversion of green waste from the local solid waste stream. The University processes composting for reuse on campus and we use reusable Leaf Burritos® for efficient and eco-friendly collections and transportation."

Marc Mataya adds:

"Universities can help lead the way by setting an example and allocating a budget for sustainable solutions to help eliminate plastic. They can request additional grant funding to invest in Leaf Burritos® and eliminate plastic bags and short-lived tarps overnight. By no longer buying plastic bags or tarps, they will quickly be saving money. The University of Kentucky even printed their own hashtag on the bags to help spread campus awareness."

Marc Mataya and Lauri Eberhart will be present at the upcoming PGMS trade show in July and are available to meet in person, or you can visit them at their booth at the GIE+EXPO trade show in October.

Contact: to meet with the team!

2019 School of Grounds Management Summer Conference

July 22-23 in Tacoma, Washington

GIE+EXPO: The Green Industry and Equipment Expo

Oct 16-18 in Louisville, Kentucky at BOOTH 27083

About :

Leaf Burrito® is a reusable yard-debris removal tool made of customized industrial-grade mesh and heavy-duty YKK® zippers. It has 10 sturdy handles for ergonomic loading and lifting onto trailers or trucks. Leaf Burrito comes in 5-foot and 7-foot long sizes. For big cleanups or as a trailer cover, multiple Leaf Burritos can be zipped together.

Leaf Burrito's goals are to reduce single-use plastics, make the arduous task of bagging leaves, weeds, grass, hedge and garden clippings a simple and eco-friendly experience and to give back to communities by donating 5% of revenues to new greenway expansion projects.

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