Save hours of labor, time & money!
Eliminate wasting money on flimsy tarps that clog our landfills!

Safer, easier, cleaner, manageable, look professional! We can even brand the bags for your company.

Tarps are not sustainable. Stop using heavy, bulky, messy, and dangerous giant-tarp methods of collecting & hauling yard debris, and move to a much more efficient, more manageable, and safer component-oriented method using multiple burritos. They are incredibly easy to load, drag, haul and empty! No more blowing leaves from back to front for potentially hours to get to the street. Instead, grab your backpack blower and a few burritos and fill multiple, manageable burritos that stack perfectly on your trailer and make you look professional & eco-friendly on the road.
No more hog-tying ugly, giant, flimsy, tarps together on the trailer and then spending 30 minutes with unloading them at the compost centers...the Leaf Burrito® makes transportation incredibly easy and only one person is needed for lightning-fast emptying by simply unzipping and flipping each of the burritos.
Handling and hauling giant tarps is very dangerous for your employees and is typically not even feasible to manage as a single-owner based business. Changing to a component-oriented work-load is a much safer and more efficient model. The Leaf Burrito® is a revolutionary new product that will change the landscaping industry around the world!
The Leaf Burrito® can also be your "packable & portable wheelbarrow" for those that don't want to always carry a bulky, heavy, metal wheelbarrow! Our product stores folded flat, or rolls up to the size of a small log. Keep a couple on your trailer and never be caught short with bulk jobs such as mulch, pea gravel, weeds, grass clippings, hedge clippings, top soil, or any other heavy duty moving of bulk product.

You can purchase the 7' Leaf Burrito® in discounted commercial multi-packs.

The Leaf Burrito® for landscaping makes these tasks more efficient and saves your business time and money:
  Incredibly-fast lawn debris collection & transportation!
  Instantly catch & remove those prickly hedge trimmings!
  Move and spread mulch, pea gravel, top soil, and even rocks!
  Easily collect mower-bagged grass clippings...just drag the burrito to the already-cut areas and load it up! No more having to stop every few rows to fill flimsy plastic bags!
  Transporting new trees! Protect your trees and shrubs from wind damage while on your trailer!
  Use as a trailer cover for full loads!
  Zip multiple burritos together to create one long hedge-clipping catcher!
  Collect trash or other debris!
  Carry loose objects on your trailer such as irrigation system parts!
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