Total Landscape Care
Landscapers can reduce plastic bag usage with the Leaf Burrito
by Jill Odom on December 27, 2018
Leaf Burrito is a reusable yard waste removal bag designed to replace single-purpose plastic bags. The bag is constructed of industrial-grade mesh and zippers allowing it to unfold like a tarp for loading yard debris and then transforms into a bag or burrito, if you will, with a few quick zips.
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Sustain Charlotte
This fall, skip the leaf bags. The planet will thank you.
by Jennifer Dean on November 30, 2018
It's no secret that plastics have made life easier for humans, but at the cost of choking our waterways, littering our city streets, and posing hazards to endangered wildlife around the globe. If you're looking for a way to reduce your single-use plastics, one way to do it is by using a Leaf Burrito.
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FOX 46 Charlotte
Leaf Burrito on Fox 46 News
by FOX 46 Charlotte on November 07, 2018
Small Business Wednesday
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WCCB Charlotte
Leaf Burrito Wilsons World
by WCCB Charlotte on November 01, 2018
Wilsons World
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Charlotte Business Journal
Leaf Burrito® BETAHood Rolls out in Charlotte's North End Smart District (NESD)
by Lauri Eberhart on October 04, 2018
Brightwalk, a neighborhood of 300 homes in Charlotte's North End Smart District is the recipient of a City of Charlotte Neighborhood Matching Grant for a Neighborhood Waste Reduction Program. The innovative program consists of several components including a composting program, a food waste challenge, community education programs and a Leaf Burrito® coined "BETAHood."
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Plastics Today
Reusable 'Leaf Burrito' bag satisfies hunger for sustainable packaging in North Carolina
by Plastics Today Staff on June 18, 2018
Marc Mataya, Charlotte, NC, resident and serial inventor, created the Leaf Burrito, a reusable yard waste removal bag, which is designed to help eliminate detrimental single-purpose plastic bags. Currently in use in Charlotte, the Leaf Burrito won the 2017 Sustain Charlotte Award in the Waste Reduction category.
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