Tips & Tricks On Using the Leaf Burrito®
Fill it as much as physically possible, then squash it, sit on it or walk on it, then stand it up and fill it even more. The industrial-grade mesh can handle a ridiculous amount of compacting even with sticks that will not poke through. Combine this with any shredder product and you can likely get over 20 bags worth of leaves into a single burrito!
Basic Instructions:
Unzip all five zippers and lay it flat with the logo facing down
  • Load as much yard debris as physically possible onto the opened burrito...we'll squeeze in more next
  • You can blow onto it without it folding over because it is mesh and it won't blow away
  • For raking onto it, simply start with a small pile on the edge and rake away
  • For sticks, lay them parallel with the belly zipper
  • Start with the side that has the long lanyard.  Roll that edge towards the middle, then step over with one leg and roll in the opposite edge in and zip the long belly zipper
  • Funny, but we suggest straddling the burrito to use your legs to hold the two sides together while zipping the belly.  Partially zip the belly and also zip the two short sides inward and then stand the burrito up like a garbage can.  Compact the leaves and continue stuffing from the top opening.  Pro Tip: You can use the inside zipper pull which uses your hand to keep leaves out of the zipper teeth.
  • On small loads, zip the four short sides closed and you are done!
  • On larger loads, zip just ONE end of the burrito, then stand it up like a normal garbage can and you'll have a bunch of extra space to keep on stuffing. Remeber that you can squash the heck out of the current contents to make more room for more leaves. Unlike a plastic bag, the burrito can handle any amount of compacting, even with a bunch of sticks and twigs that won't poke through the bag.
  • To carry it by yourself, roll the burrito onto its belly and use the strap on its back to carry it from the middle.  If you have a helper, have both people use the side handle loops.
  • To drag it, simply grab the side handle loops.  Just like anything else in the world, avoid dragging loaded burritos over rough concrete to avoid rug burns in the mesh.  A short drag is usually fine, but long drags will heat up the plastic.  The City is also trained to avoid dragging burritos as well.
If you still have more leaves, no worries because you can really stuff this tough mesh!
Composting Container
The Leaf Burrito® is the perfect composting container because it is breathable, drains, can be hosed down while closed, easy to roll & mix, easy to move & carry, and holds a large amount of compost!  Plus, it just looks cool!
Connect Multiple Burritos
You can connect two burritos together to create one long burrito by zipping one side of the belly zipper to another side of the belly zipper on the second burrito.  This creates one long draggable tarp which is perfect for doing long rows of hedges.  Unzip the two burritos when you are finished.
Use It As A Trailer/Truck Bed Cover
If you have a very large load on your trailer, for example, you can use the burrito as a cover and simply tie down the edges. Again, you can zip two or three burritos together via the belly zippers to create one large mesh cover.  Since they are 7.33' wide, two would create a 14' long cover, and three would create a 21' long cover.  Simply use tie downs or bungee cords on our existing handles.
Carry or Store Your Stuff
The Leaf Burrito® can also be used to transport bulky items such as drainage parts, irrigation parts, plants, soil, pine straw, hay, mulch, gravel, pea gravel, rocks, flowers, etc.
Make A Handle
Use your rake between the two end straps to create a convenient handle for dragging the burrito.
Draggable Tractor Bag Train
Tie a partially zipped burrito behind your riding mower to catch clippings, leaves or even trash. The burrito can easily be dragged over grass, but NOT over concrete or rough gravel or rough dirt. You can even drag multiple burritos simply by putting a tree branch, stick or rake handle through the handles to link them together.
In memory of Kathy Shiver (Mint Hill, NC) who was a key person in the development and manufacturing of the Leaf Burrito®.  We'll miss you greatly Kathy!