A Revolutionary New Tool for Colleges & Universities

It’s not just for leaves! Leaf Burrito's are incredibly efficient for landscaping during all four seasons. Our product will reduce your plastic bag and tarp expenses, is safer for your grounds crews and helps to achieve your sustainability goals. Safer, easier, cleaner, manageable, and looks professional with branded bags for your campus. 

Click here to see a video on how they work.

Leaf Burrito® is a revolutionary new tool that enables institutions to meet their Sustainability and Zero Waste goals. Leaf Burrito’s ergonomic design simplifies campus green waste collection by converting unsafe bulky loads into more manageable parcels. Leaf Burrito replaces single-use plastic, paper bags, and short-lived tarps used for campus ground maintenance.

We recommend introductory package which can have a significant long-term reduction of your budget.  Although you can purchase individual bags, we are proposing an initial set of twelve 5-foot bags plus four 7-foot bags which includes your logo and tagline printed on the bags.  This investment will pay for itself in a matter of just a few weeks.

Leaf Burrito Benefits:

 Saves time - easy to load, haul and empty, simplifying landscaping

 Easy to collect grass clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings, weeds and trash

 Each bag has five heavy-duty YKK® zippers

 Leaf Burrito fits well on golf carts and maintenance vehicles

 A safer way to lift heavy loads compared to overfilled tarps

 Durable design provides many years of trouble-free service

 Transport items such as plants, soil, mulch, flowers, parts and more

 Unzips flat which can be used as a cover for trailers and truck loads

 Can zip multiple Leaf Burritos to create a large catch area
Handling and hauling giant tarps is very dangerous for your employees and is typically not even feasible to manage as a single-owner based business. Changing to a component-oriented work-load is a much safer and more efficient model. The Leaf Burrito® is a revolutionary new product that will change the landscaping industry around the world!
The Leaf Burrito® can also be your "packable & portable wheelbarrow" for those that don't want to always carry a bulky, heavy, metal wheelbarrow! Our product stores folded flat, or rolls up to the size of a small log. Keep a couple on your trailer and never be caught short with bulk jobs such as mulch, pea gravel, weeds, grass clippings, hedge clippings, top soil, or any other heavy duty moving of bulk product.
The Leaf Burrito® for landscaping makes these tasks more efficient and saves your business time and money:
 Incredibly-fast lawn debris collection & transportation!
 Instantly catch & remove those prickly hedge trimmings!
 Move and spread mulch, pea gravel, top soil, and even rocks!
 Easily collect mower-bagged grass clippings...just drag the burrito to the already-cut areas and load it up! No more having to stop every few rows to fill flimsy plastic bags!
 Transporting new trees! Protect your trees and shrubs from wind damage while on your trailer!
 Use as a trailer cover for full loads!
 Zip multiple burritos together to create one long hedge-clipping catcher!
 Collect trash or other debris!
 Carry loose objects on your trailer such as irrigation system parts!